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Modifier Unlock

Version: 0.91 by: Minic
Downloaded 380 times

Unlocks all modifiers without effecting save progress.

Cheat/Respawn Mod

Version: 0.9 by: Minic
Downloaded 255 times

Adds custom cheat buttons to the in-game menu.

New York City

Version: 0.1 by: Minic
Downloaded 190 times

Want to swing around an untextured Manhattan?

Checkpoint Hopper

Version: 0.5 by: Aki
Downloaded 123 times

Adds icons to the map to teleport to checkpoints you have been.

Voice Mute / Lag Reduce

Version: 0.1 by: Minic
Downloaded 96 times

Enables you to mute/unmute in game voice, and reduce lag due to a bug!

Third Person Cam Control

Version: 0.1 by: Minic
Downloaded 73 times

Very useful for content creation, mixed reality capture, screen shots, etc.

Positional Save State

Version: 0.1 by: Aki
Downloaded 69 times

Adds buttons to your menu to record your current position, and quickly return to it.

Map Retexture

Version: 1.0 by: Aki
Downloaded 66 times

Alters the map to match your suit's color.

Bunny Hop On Trigger

Version: 0.9 by: Aki
Downloaded 61 times

Allows you to bunny hop without physically moving

Hook Island: Expert Mode

Version: 0.93 by: Aki
Downloaded 54 times

Your jets have malfunctioned. I'm sorry. Good luck.

Fall Damage Bad Mkay?

Version: 1.0 by: Aki
Downloaded 47 times

Shattering your screen from speed respawns you.

Delete Profile X

Version: 1.1 by: Aki
Downloaded 41 times

Many configurable options to quickly delete game save profiles.