Mod Installation

Mod installation is very simple. Just need to extract and copy some files around.

1. Setup Jet Island with IPA

IPA is short for Illusion Plugin Architecture, it let's you inject code into Unity games.
If you've already setup IPA you can skip this step.

Note: This is a patched version of IPA that fixes this issue. Versions of IPA higher than 3.4.1 most likely will not require this.

  1. Download IPA Here

  2. Extract the IPA .zip to the game folder

    For Steam Version: Steam\steamapps\common\Jet Island\
    For Oculus Version: Oculus\Software\Software\master-indie-jet-island\

  3. Drag JetIsland.exe onto IPA.exe

2. Installing the Mod

Now that IPA is setup, it's time to install the mod.

  1. Copy the mods .dll to the Plugins folder

  2. Some mods may require additional setup

    Refer to the mod itself, if there is any additional setup required.