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Version: 1.1 by: Aki

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v1.1 This now has modPref options for setting keyboard buttons to reset a profile and return to the main menu.

Until Update 2, there wasn't a way to delete a profile in game.

This mod deletes the selected profile on game launch. Options provided to keybind a keyboard button to delete a profile and restart the game.

After the mod is installed, run the game, then leave the game. Next to the plugins folder will be a UserData folder with modprefs.ini. In this file is several settings to get your desired effect. Set DeleteProfile to the profile you want to delete, where the top profile is profile 0, and the bottom profile is profile 3. Then set one of either DeleteProfileEachLaunch or DeleteProfileNextLaunch to 1. If you always want a given profile to be a fresh start, use the "EachLaunch" one. If you are wanting to delete a profile for the one time only, use "NextLaunch" one.

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