Hook Island: Expert Mode

Version: 0.93 by: Aki

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INCOMING TRANSMISSION: The manufacturer of your jets have provided you with a faulty pair. A work order has been submitted to get you a new refurbished pair, but in the mean time, you'll have to make due with just a hookshot and any other powerups you can find on the island. Any jet fuel upgrades you get will instead be applied to your hookshot, and any jet force upgrades you get will improve your wind resistance. It's the best I can do. I'm sorry. Good luck.

(If you load a profile that has 5,5,5,5, it will be treated as 0,0,10,10. If you ever play the profile without the mod, you will retain the stats you would have had. For example, a 3,4,4,3 profile will be 0,0,8,6 in Hook Island, and still is a 3,4,4,3 without the mod.)

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Downloads below are split into different categories for different builds of the game. Release, and Testing branches. Certain mods may not be available for certain branches. If a mod doesn't seem to be working right, please report it on the Jet Island Discord in #modding.

  • Testing Branch
  • Use Release Version
  • Last Updated: 10/29/2018