New York City

Version: 0.1 by: Minic

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Additional Install Notes

Place newyork.unity3d in Jet Island\JetIsland_Data\StreamingAssets\

Want to swing around an untextured Manhattan? This is the mod for you!

Wasn't really planning to release this since an official level editor is in the works. However there seemed to be enough demand for it, so here you go!

Once in game, take a look towards the edge of the island with the tutorial area and the huge globe. You can't miss it!

This mod has 2 different scaling modes, a 2:1 scale and a 1:1 scale. The 2:1 scale is default.

Make sure the Jet Island window has focus and press the N key to toggle between sizes.

Might be a good idea to leave the city first though or you may fall!

C# Source Code

Unity Asset Source Code


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  • Last Updated: 10/07/2018